Overview of Services

CACI experienced modeling and simulation experts are available to entirely create your simulation model for you, or to help you in all stages of your simulation project.

We provide Start-Up Services to help your analysts and developers to familiarize with the development environment and to create initial requirements specifications, plan development resources and to create your first model prototype.

Project Guidance Services are available to assist your development team in all phases of a project development and model exploitation.

If you have existing simulation model written in another programming language like MODSIM III , Smalltalk, C++ or Java, and would like to improve readability, simplify maintenance and improve execution speed, we can help you to transition it to the Modular Object-Oriented simulation language SIMSCRIPT III, specifically designed for simulation and modeling of complex systems.

Automatic programming language converter from MODSIM III to SIMSCRIPT III is available to help you to transition your existing MODSIM III model to SIMSCRIPT III.