Health Care

Patient Evacuation and Treatment System - PETS

Academy of Health Sciences; Ft. Sam Houston, Texas

PETS is a one-sided, stochastic simulation dealing with land forces. It is designed to simulate the capability for medical treatment and evacuation of patients within a combat zone.

PETS is a resources utilization model dealing with treater and evacuation vehicle limitations. The medical system, which the model represents, includes various levels of patient receiving facilities, such as the aid man, battalion aid stations, clearing stations, and hospitals. The model will accept any specified patient incidence rate.

The model also has the capability to specify rules for employment of evacuation vehicles. These rules include vehicle capacity and speed, and which patients should be loaded at each stop of the evacuation vehicle.

As each patient enters the medical system, he is assigned a series of medical treatment work units, which he must receive before he can enter convalescence and subsequently return to duty. Designated medical personnel must administer these work units in sequence; each work unit requires a specific time to complete. Some of these work units are critical in the sense that if one is not completed within a time specified by the user, the patient will die.

A patient is evacuated immediately if an evacuation vehicle is available and his patient priority is urgent; lower priority patients are required to accumulate either in number or over time before an evacuation vehicle is requested. A patient is evacuated from a medical facility for any of the following three reasons: no qualified treater is assigned, the patient has been treated and his hospitalization time is greater than the current holding policy, or no bed is available.