Battalion/Unit Level Logistics Evaluation Tool - BULLET

U.S. Army Operational Test and Evaluation Directorate BDM International; Alexandria, VA

BULLET is designed to answer the question: To what extent can a fire support unit meet its ammunition requirements using organic transportation assets? To answer this question, BULLET represents the internal ammunition re-supply process of fire support units, to include cannon and Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) battalions. The process includes the transportation of multiple ammunition types through distribution locations from the point of origin for the battalion to the final destination.

BULLET explicitly represents the battalion assets, including each weapon system, each Ammunition Support Vehicle (ASV), and each transport vehicle. Ammunition facility operations and transportation between these locations are represented by time delays, rather than explicitly.

Cannon ammunition is considered to be issued in complete rounds: projectile, propellant, primer, and fuze. BULLET dynamically accounts for ammunition inventory (by type) at each weapon, ASV, unit trains, and ammunition facility. The user has complete flexibility in selecting the ammunition types to be modeled.

The functions included in BULLET are: consumption, requisition, transport and delivery, facility operations, unit moves, equipment failures, combat damage, and maintenance. Inputs include the re-supply network, unit organization and equipment, equipment performance and attrition parameters, ammunition quantities and receipts, a unit movement script, and the fire mission list. Outputs include detailed and summary reports on ammunition availability at each weapon and AHA, equipment utilization, and fire mission required/fired. A typical 96-hour scenario runs from 15 to 40 minutes on an IBM PS/2 Model 80.

Alternatives Considered: BULLET is an extension of the Artillery Ammunition Re-supply model, which is written, is GPSS.

Benefits of SIMSCRIPT II.5: Self-documenting. Relatively easy-to-learn. Translation from design to code is facilitated.

Customer Quote: "We have used BULLET to analyze ammunition re-supply for cannon artillery and rocket/missile units."