Level of Repair - LOR

Naval Weapons Engineering Support Activity and the Naval Air Systems Command

This model, an updated version of the MOD III Level-of-Repair Model, determines where avionics components should be repaired in order to minimize the expected life-cycle logistics support costs. The model simultaneously considers all parts in an equipment array according to their arrangement in a parts hierarchy, and derives an optimal repair approach for each part.

A multi-echelon supply and maintenance system, as specified by input data, is considered with respect both to possible repair locations and to the calculation of life-cycle costs associated with repair level decisions. The model contains a full sensitivity analysis capability. Key input factors such as expected failure rates and item costs can be systematically varied to determine effects on support costs and level-of-repair decisions.

Based on a dynamic programming solution technique, the MOD III model is one of the most advanced level-of-repair models currently in operational use.