Army Model Improvement Program - AMIP

A program objective was to develop a hierarchy of models, which enable the army to simulate combat at Theater, Corps, Division, and Battalion Levels.

The AMIP involved the development of a hierarchical family of computerized combat models and data management systems to support Army studies, analyses, research, and training. They represented functional areas by simulating combat, combat support, and combat service support in an adequate, valid, and consistent manner.

During this program, Army-sponsored research was on going in such fields as parallel processing, cognitive process, and knowledge-base systems.

The Army Model Improvement program, as authorized by AR 5-11, designated that, "SIMSCRIPT II.5 will be used as the primary computer modeling language."

The models developed at the different levels are known as the Force Evaluation Model (FORCEM), Corps and Division Evaluation Model (CORDIVEM), and Combined Arms and Support Task Force Evaluation Model (CASTFOREM). Their descriptions follow.