U.S. Army TRAC; White Sands, NM

CASTFOREM is a stochastic, event-sequenced, opposing forces simulation of ground combat involving up to a Blue battalion task force and a Red regiment. The model can be used in either batch or interactive modes with variable unit resolution down to the individual weapon system level. Resolution of terrain is also variable. Battlefield environments to be modeled include static weather, dynamic obscurants, such as smoke and dust, nuclear and chemical contaminants, and electronic warfare.

All combat support and combat service support units and functions, which interact with and affect the combat activities of maneuver units are represented in the model. The model contains, in the form of decision table, the command control logic to make tactical decisions, which generate orders, reports and request for support. These decision table outputs, in turn, control the actions of units of resolution.

CASTFOREM represents the detailed operations of the combined arms and support task force for periods of approximately 60 minutes. It is used to determine the effectiveness of units and to estimate the level of attrition for personnel and equipment.