Joint Chiefs of Staff, Force Structure (J-8); Washington, DC

NUC-STRATEGYST is a deterministic optimization resource allocation model that positions percentages of defensive resources in response to a posited strategic attack by nuclear weapons. It determines optional BLUE defensive strategies in reaction to RED offensive strikes (or conversely).

RED strategies are determined in terms of offensive weapon system allocations. BLUE strategies are defined in terms of defensive resource allocations (ABMs, shelters, space-based platforms, transportation, detection systems, funds, etc.). It employs game theory and linear programming to calculate a solution and differential equations to evaluate the results. The model is fast, responsive, easy to use, and new.

Forces are composed of numbers of offensive, strategic ballistic missiles and defensive ABMs. The model provides for Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) defensive measures. It addresses defensive resource allocations juxtaposed against a postulated strategic strike.

Scenario development requires targets and target complexes. Users organize these target collections into strategies by designating offensive strikes and defensive resource levels. The model also requires Lanchester type attrition coefficients, target acquisition, and damage expectancy probabilities. Target worth's are required as well.

Two-person, zero-sum game theory is applied to determine an optimal strategy. A mixed strategy is indicated in the event that a saddle-point does not exist. The methodology employs a system of Lanchester type differential equations to determine the number of incoming strategic weapons that penetrate the defending antiballistic missile systems.