Rapid Force-on-Force Analysis Tool - SimForce

CACI Advanced Simulation Lab; La Jolla, CA

SimForce is used by the US Arms Control and Disarmament Agency and agencies in the DOD that are directly supporting arms control. It can help make rapid force balance assessments.

SimForce was developed to allow static assessments based on military judgment. This is accomplished by modifying force values to represent how the forces are used (posture), where they are used (terrain), and other factors such as climate and weather impacts.

SimForce automatically adjusts for "shoulder space" and provides force ratios for forces in contact, as well as, total forces in each attack axis. Most importantly, it allows the analyst to modify when and how to mass forces to obtain the greatest leverage. For instance, you can see the effect of massing air power versus the commitment of ground reserves, thereby giving the commander greater flexibility. This capability to rapidly perform parametric assessments of deployment times and concepts of operation makes it a very valuable planning and analysis tool.

Alternatives Considered: None

Benefits of SIMSCRIPT II.5: Flexibility, English-like code, easy graphical user interface design.

Customer Quote: "By developing SimForce with SIMSCRIPT II.5, I was able to create an application that gives the end user the ability to perform force-on-force analyses without writing a single line of code."