Return Combat Model - RETCOM

U.S. Army TRADOC Systems Analysis Activity

The Return Combat Model (RETCOM) was developed to perform reliability, availability, and maintainability analysis.

RETCOM is a stochastic, event model that simulates the operation of a single system type, for example, the M60A1 tank or the M113. The systems under study belong to peacetime or combat force engaged in a series of activities and missions. Examples of such activities are offense, rearm/refuel, defense, road march, retrograde, FTX, and gunnery training.

During the performance of missions under simulated wartime conditions, the systems in the force are allowed to incur mission-abortive combat damage. Mechanical failures and deferrable failures may be simulated, as well as repair and return to the force. Combat between opposing forces is not simulated in the same way as conventional force-on-force models. For example, in RETCOM, all Blue weapon firings generate maintenance requirements rather than Red casualties.

RETCOM's operation is controlled primarily by the series of missions or scenarios the force is programmed to perform.

The scenario dictates the amount of system utilization that will be experienced. Utilization generates the maintenance demands, mechanical breakdowns and combat attrition.

The modeling resolution of any facet of the simulation, for example, system scenario, or support, can be as great as input data permit.