Sortie Generation Model - SGM

Support System Modeling Group, Northrop Aircraft; Los Angeles, CA

The Sortie Generation Model is a discrete-event simulation model of tactical fighter operation at the theater level. The model evaluates the impact of aircraft design characteristics and support alternatives on combat capability. Due to its flexibility, the model accommodates various aircraft and support structures, including complex scenarios emphasizing mobility. Both conceptual Year 2000 and current scenarios are easily managed in the model.

Aircraft behavior and air base operations are simulated in SGM. Mission-capable aircraft perform sorties depending on the user-defined mission schedules and flight formation constraints. Mission capability can be constrained by resource availability, operational parameters, base repair capability, and the inherent design of the aircraft. Combat conditions and air base destruction can also affect the availability of aircraft and resources.

Model inputs and constraints include the following:

  • Operational Parameters
  • Aircraft Design Characteristics
  • Resource Allocation (Spares/Manpower/GSE/Fuel/Weapons)
  • Service times
  • Mission Information Schedules
  • Support Structure
  • Operating Base Mobility Criteria
  • Attrition Rate/Damage to Loss Ratio
  • Site Destruction Probability

Relevant statistics are collected throughout the simulation for daily and summary reports. These reports provide data on "aircraft" performance (number of sorties), effectiveness of maintenance, personnel utilization, and resource consumption.