Tactical Alternative Responses - STAR

Naval Postgraduate School and the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC)

Simulation of Tactical Alternative Responses (STAR) is a stochastic, discrete event, combined arms warfare simulation. STAR uses the set owner, set, set member structure of SIMSCRIPT II.5 to represent the hierarchical structure of combat forces.

Combat takes place on an NPS-developed functional terrain model, which directly represents the terrain at every point on the battlefield, and permits elements to be positioned at and perform all functions from, any point on the battlefield. The model is capable of simulating combat of direct-fire, land combat weapon systems. An air-air defense module models rotary wing and fixed wing air assets, and cannon and missile air defense systems. A field artillery module simulates cannon and rocket artillery, forward observer and radar target acquisition, and explicitly models the field artillery flow of information and decision making process.

The model represents combat at the individual element level, such as tank, howitzer, helicopter, and anti-tank guided missile gunner.