Corps Battle Simulation - CBS

  • Sponsor: US Army Program Executive Office
  • Simulation, Training and Instrumentation (PEOSTRI)
  • Major proponents: National Simulation Center (NSC)
  • Battle Command Training Program (BCTP)
  • Developer: Jet Propulsion Laboratory

CBS is the Army's premiere constructive training simulation at Corps and Division levels. It is a geographically and functionally distributed air/land warfare simulation that drives the U.S. Army Battle Command Training Program's (BCTP) War Fighter Exercises, as well as command training exercises for the active Army and the National Guard. The simulation also serves as the Land Warfare component of various Joint Training Exercises as a member of the Joint Training Confederation (JTC).

CBS provides training stimuli for all ground forces staff elements from Brigade to Corps, including combat, combat support, combat service support, and fixed and rotary wing air operations. All Battle Operating Systems are represented: Maneuver, Command & Control, Fire Support, Air Defense, Combat Service Support, Mobility / Countermobility / Survivability, Intelligence, as well as fixed and rotary wing air operations, Nuclear/Biological/Chemical (NBC) operations including Smoke and Chemical Recon and Decon, Special Operations, Civil Affairs, and Psychological Operations.

The Simscript application models all of the military objects, relationships, events, and operations necessary to portray these stimuli, as well as a highly scalable terrain representation. To support operations in the Contemporary Operating Environment (COE), CBS represents multiple sides, including civilian factions, whose allegiances evolve over time. As the centerpiece of the Army Constructive Training Federation (ACTF), CBS will continue to provide the most up-to-date training environment for the Army's commanders, in concert with a variety of other legacy and next-generation models.

CBS was the first Simscript model to be ported to the Linux operating system, and makes full use of CACI's Checkpoint/Modify/Restart (CMR) feature on that platform. This framework for exercise continuity has become a paradigm in the real-time constructive simulation community for models and federation frameworks that require save/restore capabilities, and most operate on a 24x7 basis.