Automatic Call Placement Model

Intervoice, Inc.; Dallas, TX

The Intervoice project modeled an Automatic Call Placement System (ACP), commonly known as a Predictive Dialer. The model is being used to develop predictive algorithms. The predictive dialer places outbound calls on multiple phone lines, and connects answered calls to live agents. No answer calls are dropped. If a call is answered and no agent is avail-able, the call is placed on hold.

The predictive algorithm must place calls at a rate such that new calls are connected to an agent as soon as possible after they have completed the previous call. The predictive algorithm must hold the operating point constant over changes in agent pool size, connect time, and answer rate.

SIMGRAPHICS was used to create a custom user interface for changing the model's parameters without recompiling the code. On the back end, graphs display statistics and results of the simulation.

Alternatives Considered: APL

Benefits of SIMSCRIPT II.5: Rapid prototyping of models.

Customer Quote: "Simplified the analysis of a Predictive Dialer."