Network Management Information System Simulation Module

Network Management Services Group, Inc.; New York, NY

Network Management Services Group's main product is the Network Management Information System (NMIS). It provides operators of packet switching networks with traffic and network performance statistics, based on live operational data transmitted to NMIS from network switches.

With this information available showing the actual traffic flows by hour and network component utilizations, a useful extension of NMIS is to use this information as an input to a simulation model that would allow NMIS users to analyze alternative network configurations that could provide superior cost/performance characteristics. This is addressed by the Network Simulation (NSIM) module developed in SIMSCRIPT II.5.

NMIS and NSIM are commercially available tools from Network Management Services Group. For additional information and pricing, contact Mr. Walter Grifel at (305) 968-7990.

Alternatives Considered: C, FORTRAN, COMNET II.5, analytic queuing models.

Benefits of SIMSCRIPT II.5: "SIMSCRIPT II.5 allowed us to more rapidly implement the NSIM application compared to C or FORTRAN, and provide a more realistic model than using queuing formulas."

Customer Quote: "SIMSCRIPT II.5 will enable us to provide our customers with a powerful, cost-effective tool that addresses network planning in a very concrete way, and allow us to maintain and upgrade the product fairly easily."