RF Communication Network Model

TELXON Corporation; Akron, OH

TELXON manufactures hand-held computers, which communicate via radio frequency (RF) signals. They provide a variety of RF protocols and host interface protocols. Their customers always ask what their transaction response time will be. By developing the simulation model of the RF and host networks, they can show the customer the expected response time as well as what contributing factors may generate bottlenecks. This allows up front application design trade-offs to be made. Customers with problems can easily be shown alternatives.

Alternatives Considered: GPSS (and its many derivatives), SIMAN, SLAM

Benefits of SIMSCRIPT II.5: "SIMSCRIPT II.5 allowed us to model the error recovery very close to actual conditions. While the language provided detail, SIMGRAPHICS made it easy to generate impressive run-time information displays."

Customer Quote: "Just by having the model, our customers have been convinced of our dedication to being technologically on top. At a recent trade show, even our competition was extremely interested in how it worked. Its mere existence is now a sales and marketing advantage. The only major problem that SIMSCRIPT II.5 has caused is that people want more models developed than I have time to create!"